In the historic heart of St. Louis lies the Fabulous Fox Theatre, a cultural crown jewel dating back to the late 1920s. Long treasured for its rich history, elaborate architecture, and the live performances it hosts, the theatre was once one of the largest cinemas in the United States, with over 5,000 seats.

However, the theatre has recently taken center stage in a legal drama involving a brewing dispute over its ownership. The current owner of the theatre, Fox Associates, and the owner of the surrounding land, Foxland Inc, are mired in a lawsuit over who will control the theatre after a nearly 100-year-old lease expires in 2025. The stakes are high in this dispute, and the future of the theatre hangs in the balance.

Who Is Involved in the Business Dispute

The legal dispute over the ownership of the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis involves two entities: Fox Associates and Foxland Inc. Fox Associates has been in control of the theatre since 1981. Over the past four decades, Fox Associates has focused on leading significant renovations and maintaining the venue as a cultural icon in St. Louis. Foxland Inc., on the other hand, is the owner of the land on which the majority of the theatre is situated.

What Caused the Ownership Dispute?

The heart of the ownership dispute revolves around a 99-year lease that Fox Associates took over when they bought the theatre in 1981. The lease, which costs Fox Associates an annual fee of $40,000, is set to expire in 2025. Foxland Inc. asserts that they have the right to take over the theatre when the lease ends. On the other hand, Fox Associates petitioned the St. Louis Circuit Court to direct Foxland to sell the land at a fair price. This will allow Fox Associates to remain the theatre’s operators.

What Was the Legal Basis for the Business Ownership Dispute?

The legal basis of this business ownership dispute primarily rests on different interpretations of the 1926 lease, the document at the heart of the disagreement. Foxland Inc. interprets the lease as giving them the right to assume control of the theatre once it expires. On the other hand, Fox Associates believe that they should have the opportunity to purchase the land and maintain their operational status. Hence, the primary issue for Judge Michael Francis Stelzer to decide is whether the interpretation of the lease allows Fox Associates the option to purchase the land from Foxland, Inc.

What Was the Result of the Lawsuit?

As of the time of writing, Judge Stelzer has yet to issue a ruling. The possible outcomes range from dismissing either side’s case to tossing both claims. It is also possible the parties will share ownership of the theatre. If Judge Stelzer does not reach a decision, a trial could begin by next April. 

Resolving the dispute is critical because it has potential implications for the future of live performances at the Fox Theatre. Fox Associates warns that without a swift end to the dispute, they risk missing out on opportunities to book high-profile shows. Meanwhile, Foxland Inc. alleges that Fox Associates plans to shift operations to the nearby Stifel Theatre. This shift would severely impact the Fox Theatre’s vibrancy.

However, Fox Associates have made several assurances that they have no intention to cease producing shows at the Fox Theatre. With the theatre’s operational continuity and the community’s cultural enrichment at stake, many hope that the parties will find a resolution that honors the rich history of the Fox Theatre and ensures its future.

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