Florida Zoning Laws & Ordinances

Two men reviewing zoning regulations in Orlando, FL.

Commercial construction and development are exciting ventures and new beginnings for seasoned and start-up entrepreneurs alike. When you’re designing the perfect layout, color scheme, and decoration for your business, zoning laws and ordinances are probably far from your mind. But not having the proper zoning permits or licenses can spell disaster for your plans. 

An Orlando, Florida zoning attorney at our firm can help you by evaluating your small business development plans to determine what zoning regulations apply. We research and obtain permits and licenses on behalf of small businesses. 

Don’t leave it up to chance. If you guess wrong, even the best-laid business development plans can go to waste. You or your business may incur fines or other penalties for breaking zoning laws, even if you didn’t know about the law. With a zoning lawyer at your side, you set yourself up for success and might avoid costly penalties. 

What Do I Need to Know About Zoning Ordinances and Laws in Florida? 

Florida zoning laws determine how businesses and residents can use the property. Zoning ordinances are another way to refer to local zoning laws within a city. 

What Are Zoning Laws?

Zoning laws typically accomplish one of the following:

  • Regulate for what purpose you can use the property,
  • Restrict the location of certain properties or activities, or 
  • Limit what you can put on or around the property. 

Using the city of Orlando as an example, it consists of multiple types of zoning districts. The current or future location of your business determines what zoning rules apply. Talking with an Orlando zoning attorney helps make sure you have everything in order as early in the process as possible. If there is a zoning dispute at any point in the development process, a zoning attorney at our firm will be able to represent you in or out of court. 

Examples of Zoning Laws

Wondering how zoning laws may impact your business? Let’s look at some examples. 

Orlando, for instance, has a zoning ordinance that prohibits you from selling alcohol near a school or church. You may be eligible to apply for a waiver, however, if you are opening up a restaurant that will have a permanent kitchen and serve alcohol throughout the day. 

Further, you might need permissions to install canopies or other structures on your commercial development property. An Orlando, FL zoning lawyer helps make sure that you know what permissions you need to obtain and when. 

What Does a Zoning Lawyer Do for Your Small Business?

A zoning attorney is an invaluable asset for your small business, helping you by:

  • Researching the applicable zoning law,
  • Obtaining zoning permits or licenses, 
  • Representing you in a zoning dispute, or
  • Evaluating anticipated or current projects to determine the possible zoning permits or licenses. 

Having an Orlandlo zoning lawyer can save you time and money, helping to smooth over disputes and limit potential issues.  

Your Small Business Needs Our Orlando Zoning Lawyers at BrewerLong 

BrewerLong is your go-to Orlando zoning attorneys. We focus on legal solutions for businesses. We take pride in our emphasis on building relationships and trust with our clients to better serve their legal needs. We won’t treat you or your business as “just another case.” We strive to provide quality, personable legal service delivery like that of a small firm with the sophistication of a larger firm. Meet our zoning lawyers:

Kara Groves

Kara Groves is a dedicated Agribusiness & Regulatory Compliance Attorney at BrewerLong, with a keen focus on assisting small businesses in navigating the complexities of state and local zoning, land use, and environmental protection regulations. With her expertise, Kara is particularly adept at guiding agriculture and craft-beverage-related industries through the intricate legal landscape of zoning laws, ensuring their operations comply with all local, state, and federal requirements. Her commitment to providing comprehensive legal support in zoning matters makes her an invaluable asset to businesses looking to thrive within Central Florida’s regulated industries.

Our experienced lawyers also handle clients with other types of business legal issues, including:

Our background in handling complex commercial litigation means that we know the ins and outs of businesses. You’ll probably spend more time talking about how we can help and much less time explaining business terms and technicalities to us than you would with another law firm. Call to speak with an Orlando, Florida zoning lawyer today or contact us online.