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Running a business takes a significant amount of time, energy, and effort. You need a business law attorney that is just as invested in the success of your enterprise as you are.

At the BrewerLong law office, our experienced Orlando small business attorneys have extensive experience providing a full scope of legal services to our clients of all sizes for a variety of business needs.

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Case Spotlight

Apis Cor, INC

Corporate Investment/Fundraising

We had Apis Cor INC come to us for assistance. They were the creators of cutting-edge robots designed to revolutionize the construction industry through 3D printing. They sought not only to build structures but to transform the very process of construction. When they first approached us, it was clear that their expertise lay in engineering and innovation, but they needed guidance in the realm of business operations and securing the necessary funding to propel their groundbreaking technology forward.

Apis Cor’s robots were nothing short of marvels, capable of constructing buildings with unparalleled precision and speed. However, to bring this technological marvel to the masses, they needed capital for further development, production, and market expansion. This is where our legal expertise came into play, and we devised a multifaceted strategy that would not only secure the necessary funding but also incentivize investors to join their mission.

One of the tools we employed was the use of convertible promissory notes, a financial instrument that allowed investors to convert their debt into equity in the company at a later date. This provided a win-win scenario, as it gave early supporters the potential for substantial returns while offering our client access to the capital needed to propel their robots into the market.

But we didn’t stop there. To diversify their fundraising efforts and ensure they had the resources to continue their journey, we explored Regulation A+ offerings and Regulation CF offerings. These mechanisms enabled them to raise funds from both accredited and non-accredited investors, widening the pool of potential supporters.

Through our collaborative efforts and these innovative fundraising methods, we were able to assist our client in generating over a million dollars—a significant milestone that propelled their vision even further. Our ongoing work for them extended beyond fundraising, encompassing legal counsel on various aspects of their business operations.

“We are happy to work with Attorney Trevor Brewer. He has assisted us in many aspects, such as negotiating difficult situations, strategizing business relationships through contracts, and supporting various financing vehicles, including the complex SAFE and Convertible Notes conversion processes.”
– Anna Cheniuntai, CEO & Founder of Apis Cor

Orlando Small Business Law Firm

At BrewerLong, our Orlando business lawyers have experience handling transactional and litigation matters on behalf of our business clients.

Whether you need help establishing your company, growing your current business, or mitigating legal risks to your business our office is here to help.

By working with an experienced and qualified business law firm, you increase your chances of success with your company.

Our office provides a wide scope of legal services for our business clients. We have successfully represented business clients of all sizes and in a number of different industries.

Our dedicated Orlando small business lawyers are prepared to provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel, sound business strategies, and potential solutions for your legal needs. Our legal services cover every aspect of the life cycle of a business, from formation and startup to dissolution or sale.

Some of the legal services we provide our business clients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General legal counseling
  • Business formation
  • Assistance in setting up professional practices
  • Business planning
  • Startup consulting services
  • Business purchase consulting
  • Facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and reorganization
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Zoning laws & regulations
  • Legal audits and risk assessment
  • Development of human resource policy and employee handbooks
  • Drafting and negotiation of employee contracts
  • Drafting and negotiation of loan and financing agreements
  • Negotiation and review of commercial leases
  • Drafting, negotiation, and review of commercial contracts
  • Business insurance coverage and planning
  • Trademark consulting
  • Registration and licensing
  • Corporate maintenance and compliance
  • Business litigation and dispute resolution
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Assistance selling the company
  • Assistance with company closing and dissolution, and more.

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Focusing on Small Business Needs in the Orlando Area

Many larger law firms focus only on securing business from large companies, but at BrewerLong we focus on the needs of small businesses and startups in the Orlando area.

Small businesses deserve and require the same level of legal representation as larger companies and corporations, and oftentimes small businesses have legal needs that are unique to them.

We work closely with small business owners and operators to ensure that their legal matters are successfully resolved, whatever the issue.

The BrewerLong promise to small businesses is that you will receive the same quality legal representation from our experienced business attorneys as our larger company clients. Small business owners often wear many hats in the operation of their company, and BrewerLong is here to alleviate some of the stress of navigating legal issues in addition to running the other aspects of the business.

Our office prides itself on its dedication to small businesses and constant communication about the status of their legal matters. We will zealously advocate on your behalf and provide legal representation that will put you in the best possible place for success.

Why Professional Help Is Essential for Small Business Owners

Running a small business involves navigating numerous challenges and legal complexities. While it might be tempting to handle these issues on your own, seeking professional assistance can prevent costly mistakes and ensure long-term success. Here are some common issues small business owners face and why you shouldn’t tackle them alone.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws is crucial to keeping your business healthy and profitable. Laws and regulations frequently change, and non-compliance can result in fines, legal disputes, and reputational damage. A small business lawyer can help you stay compliant and avoid penalties.

Employment Law Matters

Navigating the complexities of hiring, managing, and terminating employees is challenging. Employment laws cover a wide range of issues, including wages, discrimination, workplace safety, and benefits. Missteps in these areas can lead to lawsuits and financial losses. Having experienced legal counsel on your side helps ensure that you adhere to employment laws and properly handle employee-related matters.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Creating and negotiating contracts with clients, vendors, and partners is essential for clear business operations. Poorly drafted contracts can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and legal challenges. An Orlando contract lawyer can draft clear, enforceable contracts that protect your interests and prevent future conflicts.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets is vital for safeguarding your business assets. Properly securing intellectual property rights will help your company reach the level of success you envision. An Orlando small business lawyer can help you navigate the registration process and enforce your IP rights against infringement.

Dispute Resolution

Handling disputes with customers, suppliers, or partners can be complex and time-consuming. Business disputes can escalate quickly, leading to litigation. A lawyer can help you explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, to resolve conflicts efficiently and cost-effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to industry-specific regulations and standards can be tricky, as regulations vary by industry and can be complex. However, failing to comply can result in significant penalties. A lawyer can help you understand and meet these requirements, ensuring your business operates within the law.

The complexities of legal and regulatory issues make professional guidance indispensable for small business owners. At BrewerLong, we are committed to helping your dream succeed.

Why You Should Hire an Orlando Business Attorney

Operating a business requires you to take risks, and an experienced Orlando business lawyer can help you mitigate those risks and increase your chances of success in your company’s undertakings.

Hiring a lawyer to consult and review business decisions can ensure that you are making the most of your business opportunities while still adhering to all applicable law, rules, and regulations. Business attorneys can also enforce contracts and other legal deals to maximize your business potential.

Seeking the counsel of Orlando business law lawyers can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business venture. Here are the top reasons why you should hire an attorney today:

  • Staying compliant with state and federal laws and regulations: avoiding unnecessary tax and legal liability, avoiding the corporate veil being pierced, and avoiding exposure of owners, shareholders, and principals
  • Reducing the risk of doing business: reviewing deals with workers, customers, and vendors to mitigate risk
  • Reducing the risk of operating your company: Ensuring that the rights and obligations of founders, owners, executives, shareholders, employees, and board members are clearly defined and outlined
  • Facilitation of merger, purchase, or sale: Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and finalizing all aspects of these deals to maximize your profit and minimize your risks
  • Representation in a lawsuit: Whether you are prosecuting or defending claims, you need an experienced business law lawyer to represent your business in a dispute

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Legal Structure for My New Business?

The best legal structure for your business depends on your specific goals and circumstances. Common options include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. An LLC offers flexibility and liability protection, while a corporation is ideal for businesses planning to raise capital through stock issuance.

Consulting with an Orlando small business lawyer can help you evaluate your options and choose the structure that aligns with your business objectives, liability concerns, and tax preferences.

Why Is it Important to Have a Lawyer Draft or Review My Business Contracts?

Business contracts are critical in defining the terms of your business relationships and protecting your interests. A lawyer ensures that contracts are legally sound, clearly written, and tailored to your needs. They can help prevent ambiguities and ensure all necessary provisions are included, reducing the risk of future disputes.

By working with an Orlando small business lawyer, you can create robust contracts that provide clarity and security, safeguarding your business from potential legal issues.

How Can I Protect My Business’s Intellectual Property?

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is essential to maintaining your competitive edge. This includes trademarks for your brand, copyrights for creative works, and patents for inventions.

Registering your IP with the appropriate authorities provides legal protection against unauthorized use. Additionally, implementing confidentiality agreements and regularly monitoring for potential infringements are vital steps.

A small business lawyer can guide you through the process of securing and enforcing your IP rights and help ensure your innovations and brand identity remain protected.

What Are Some Key Employment Laws I Need to Comply With?

Employment laws cover a wide range of areas, including hiring practices, wage and hour regulations, workplace safety, anti-discrimination policies, and employee benefits. Compliance with these laws is crucial to avoid legal disputes and penalties.

For instance, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs minimum wage and overtime pay, while the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) sets standards for workplace safety.

Be sure to talk to a small business attorney in Orlando, like a member of the team at BrewerLong, to help ensure you stay compliant with both federal and state employment laws.

How Do I Resolve a Business Dispute Without Going to Court?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration can resolve business disputes more efficiently and cost-effectively than litigation. Negotiation involves direct discussions between parties to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation uses a neutral third party to facilitate a negotiated resolution, while arbitration involves presenting evidence and a binding decision from an arbitrator.

What Should I Do to Ensure My Business Remains Legally Compliant?

Staying legally compliant involves regularly reviewing industry-specific rules, conducting compliance audits, and training employees on compliance requirements. You’ll need to stay updated on any changes in the law that may affect your business operations.

At BrewerLong, our team of small business lawyers in Orlando can assist you in understanding and navigating these regulations, conducting audits, and implementing necessary changes to maintain compliance. 

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At BrewerLong, we promise to always give you honest and sound advice, even if it is not what you want to hear. We put your company’s best interests first, and with years of experience helping our business clients in the Orlando area succeed, we know what it takes to make your company a success.

We have also seen a number of companies fail and can help you avoid the mistakes of others. BrewerLong’s Orlando business law attorneys will provide you with an outside perspective and explain all of your legal options for your business decisions. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow and succeed at every stage. 

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Trevor Brewer is a distinguished Business & Beverage Attorney at BrewerLong, dedicated to guiding business owners and their families through the intricacies of business law. With a keen focus on business structuring, sale transactions, regulatory compliance, and liability protection, Trevor offers comprehensive legal and strategic business advice.

Michael Long

Michael Long, a seasoned Business & Litigation Attorney at BrewerLong, brings a unique blend of military discipline and legal acumen to the realm of business law. His extensive experience in commercial transactions and dispute resolution, honed through complex litigation in areas such as business breakups, professional liability, and intellectual property, equips him to offer strategic, comprehensive counsel

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