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Florida agricultural lawyer

Agribusiness as an industry continues to grow exponentially in Central Florida.

Even though business is good, being a farmer has never been more demanding.

As a result, farmers in central Florida need representation from a highly experienced agricultural lawyer to help navigate the tangled web of state and federal laws and regulations and run a profitable agribusiness.

Suppose you are a farmer working on the family farm, an agribusiness entrepreneur, a rancher, or a breeder. In that case, you need an experienced and accomplished agriculture lawyer by your side who knows the industry’s landscape.

You can remain focused on running your business by hiring a Florida agricultural lawyer to represent you in all facets of your company’s needs. Your business and your livelihood could suffer if you devote too much time to worrying about the legal aspects of farming and not enough to growing your business.

The Rapidly Changing Agribusiness Landscape Demands Expert Legal Advice

Agribusiness and farming rapidly change as fast as laws and regulations vary.

Having a dedicated Florida lawyer for farmers advise you can help ensure you stay on top of the ever-changing legal landscape.

Otherwise, you could be bogged down by complying with numerous regulations and laws that hinder your agribusiness growth rather than help.

The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Florida Agricultural Lawyer

Having an agriculture lawyer who understands the industry is essential to growing your agribusiness. Knowledgeable agriculture attorneys will assist you with:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts;
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Filing or renewing permits;
  • Launching new business entities;
  • Taxation disputes;
  • Protecting data;
  • Representing you in labor disputes;
  • Applying for financing;
  • Acquiring land through purchase or lease;
  • Purchasing or leasing new equipment; 
  • Selling farmland or your business;
  • Protecting your intellectual property rights;
  • Obtaining proper insurance;
  • Handling employment issues;
  • Applying for grants, along with federal and state funding; and
  • Representing you in every aspect of business litigation.

Farming regulations at the state and federal levels are complicated to navigate. You need an experienced agricultural attorney to guide you through the regulatory maze.

Representing Agribusinesses Requires Devotion to Ensuring Growth While Protecting Your Assets

You have worked hard to grow your business into what it is today. You must ensure that your business remains profitable while safeguarding it from legal issues that could undermine your success.

Having an agricultural lawyer take a proactive approach toward protecting your assets is essential to growing your agribusiness. 

Farming lawyers will review your business entity to ensure that you and your family receive the most significant amount of protection from creditors and tax collectors while reaping the benefits of your hard work. 

Labor Law and Employment Advice

A skilled lawyer for farmers will also review your employment policies and procedures. Productive farms need excellent and reliable employees.

Reviewing and updating your employment contracts, compensation, employee handbook, substance abuse policies, and hiring and termination policies remains essential to operating a profitable agribusiness.

Accidents occur on the job site. That means state and federal agencies could investigate your business. A lawyer for farmers dedicated to protecting the American farm will represent you and your business in OSHA investigations and work with insurance defense counsel on workers’ compensation claims.

Agribusiness Litigation

Agriculture attorneys who provide a full range of legal services can also represent you if you become embroiled in civil litigation. You might need to file a contract claim or pursue another legal remedy through litigation.

Additionally, you might have to defend against a lawsuit. An agricultural lawyer with the support of a full-service law firm has the ability and resources to prosecute or defend your case in court successfully.

Water Use

Florida farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs must be concerned about water use policies. Florida requires landowners to obtain permits unless the landowner can prove the use is designed for agricultural or related activity. 

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service will make a binding determination of whether your current or proposed agricultural activity qualifies for a permitting exemption.

The farmer has the burden to prove the business qualifies for the exemption. Having an agriculture lawyer work with you to obtain the proper water use exemptions will save you a significant amount of time and expense.

A farmer must enjoy a good rapport with the local water district. Fostering this relationship could be mutually advantageous for the farmer and the public utility.

Water districts will pay agribusinesses for water farming and could produce a significant financial benefit for the farmer. Having experienced agriculture attorneys negotiate on your behalf could help you tap into a substantial revenue source.

Environmental Compliance

Farmers in Florida must comply with federal environmental regulations as well as state and local requirements.

Federal regulators such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have a vested interest in ensuring farmers do not pollute or destroy wetlands. An attorney can help you navigate the various regulations and ensure your agribusiness remains in compliance.

Why Is BrewerLong the Best Law Firm to Represent Your Agribusiness?

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We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality legal services through our commitment to you and your family. Contact BrewerLong’s farming lawyers today at 407-801-7490 or contact us online to learn more about our agricultural legal services.