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The number of Florida wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, wholesalers, and establishments serving alcoholic beverages such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses are increasing every year.

The number one requirement of all of these establishments is understanding and complying with state and federal laws regulating the alcoholic beverage industry.

This includes regulation by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ATB), and other regulating agencies.

At BrewerLong, our Florida beverage law attorneys have experience advising clients on a number of legal matters pertaining to alcoholic beverages, including the licensing, regulatory compliance, production and distribution, and trade practices throughout Florida and are prepared to provide top-quality legal representation for your legal needs.

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Beverage Licensing

Alcoholic beverage licensing is required of all businesses and establishments dealing with these types of beverages. Our firm provides quality legal advice on what type of licensing best fits your needs and assists in the acquisition of those licenses at the state and federal levels.

Alcoholic beverage licensing can be a lengthy and complex matter, and the Florida beverage law lawyers at BrewerLong help our licensing clients in a number of ways. This includes obtaining the necessary state alcohol beverage licenses from the ATB, federal permits and licenses from the TTB, and filing all of the necessary tax documentation for a business that deals in alcoholic beverages.

For companies that already have existing licenses for this type of beverage, our office can assist in the updating of existing licenses and preparation of legal documents for a change in ownership or proprietorship.

Our office also can

  • review label approvals;
  • prepare use-up letters;
  • aid in state and federal record-keeping requirements;
  • assist in laboratory approvals at the state and federal levels; and
  • draft pre-import and export letters for alcoholic beverages.

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Alcohol Beverage Regulatory Laws

Our skilled beverage law attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations for alcoholic beverages. With years of experience representing clients with alcoholic beverages, our office is particularly qualified to help navigate the complex maze of local, state, and federal regulations and ensure compliance with the law.

Our wide scope of legal services for alcohol regulations include:

  • Preparation of how-to advice on basic regulations.
  • Explanation of more complex rules around the sale, distribution, and marketing of alcoholic beverages.
  • Advice on alcoholic beverage labeling.
  • Explanation of franchise laws.
  • Compliance with import and export regulations.
  • Advice on third-party marketing.
  • Preparation of how-to advice on direct-to-consumer shipping.

To learn more about how local, state, and federal regulations could affect your business, talk to a beverage law attorney at BrewerLong today.

Recently Featured in Orlando Sentinel

In the article, “Growing Florida distilleries say “cheers’ to serving cocktails under new law,” Kara Ann Groves the lawyer who represented Maw’s, was quoted saying “It was just a much needed modernization of the law. A lot of the alcoholic beverage industry is in the Prohibition era still.” Now that the Florida laws have changed the BrewerLong firm has seen more breweries and farms work towards getting into distilling.

Beverage Production and Distribution Agreements

Production and distribution agreements for alcoholic beverages can be particularly complex and detailed contracts. Our office drafts, negotiates, reviews, and finalizes beverage production and distribution deals on behalf of our clients.

The agreements prepared by the beverage attorneys at BrewerLong are cognizant of the latest changes in regulatory compliance and trends in the industry to place your company at a competitive advantage and protect your best interests in the deal.

Our production and distribution agreements include contracts on alternating proprietor agreements, custom crush agreements, grape purchasing deals, distribution contracts, transitional services agreements, and third-party marketing agreements. Call our office to learn more about how our legal services in production and distribution contracts can help your business succeed.

Alcohol Beverage Trade Practices

In addition to contract drafting and regulatory compliance, the skilled beverage law attorneys at BrewerLong also advise clients on best trade practices and other business counseling. Our attorneys give advice on the marketing, promotion, and sale of alcoholic beverages that is in line with state and federal laws.

We help counsel clients on

  • events,
  • promotions,
  • tastings,
  • advertising,
  • celebrity endorsements,
  • sponsorships,
  • contests,
  • sweepstakes,
  • signage, and
  • consumer advertising novelties that can grow and expand your business.

Our office also counsels on best practices for the creation and design of promotional events, marketing strategies, and membership clubs that are in line with all applicable regulations and laws.

The attorneys at BrewerLong want to see your business succeed and have the skill and knowledge that will allow your company to perform at its highest level without violating state or federal trade practices.

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