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Please note this page is written for employers, although we understand it may be of interest to employees as well. At this time, our firm only represents business owners and employers. If you need assistance with a legal matter as an employee, please consult a firm that represents employees.

An attorney handling a labor law case for an employer in Orlando, FL.

In Florida, labor lawyers for employers provide invaluable services for their clients.

BrewerLong assists businesses with all types of human resources, labor, and compliance matters. We are experts in labor law.

We protect your business interests and help reduce your legal liability.

Our Orlando labor lawyer for employers specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the Orlando area and central Florida.

Services Provided by Our Labor Lawyers for Employers

We represent Florida businesses in all types of labor law matters. We work solely for employers, providing practical solutions. Our proactive approach helps you avoid costly legal problems.

Some of our most valuable employer services include:

  • Developing employment agreements and contracts,
  • Developing confidentiality agreements and policies,
  • Developing employee handbooks,
  • Developing policies and procedures,
  • Developing onboarding procedures,
  • Developing substance testing policies,
  • Reviewing hiring and termination practices, and
  • Reviewing compensation and review practices.

Our Orlando labor lawyers for employers also provide training and counseling services for your human resources team. These services help keep your business compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Our legal services also help your company establish trust and form strong, lasting bonds with your employees.

Unfortunately, even the most diligent employers can encounter legal challenges. The threat of legal action continues to increase in today’s litigious social climate.

When you believe you may face a legal challenge, contact us immediately. By getting involved early, we can help prevent an issue from becoming a legal nightmare.

Labor Law Advice for Employers

As a leading labor law firm for employers, we address labor-related issues that include:

Many employers encounter legal challenges related to the use of independent contractor services.

Federal taxation and labor authorities have tightened the restrictions on independent contractors.

Unless you comply with the applicable rules, you could become embroiled in a potentially devastating legal battle.

We can advise you on the legalities of using independent contractors, to ensure you remain in strict compliance with all governing laws and regulations. We can also represent you for any governmental audits or investigations relating to labor or employment issues.

Employment Litigation Defense in Orlando

When a current or former employee threatens or takes legal action against your business, you need help from an experienced Orlando labor attorney for employers. Even if the plaintiff’s case is weak or invalid, you must still defend yourself against the allegations.

Some of the most common legal claims we encounter involve allegations such as:

  • Employment discrimination,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Wrongful termination,
  • Age discrimination,
  • Race discrimination,
  • Gender discrimination,
  • Wage disparity,
  • Unlawful employment practices,
  • Defamation, and
  • Breach of contract.

In addition to providing Florida employer defense services, we can assist you with legal action against current or former employees for things like:

  • Non-compete violations,
  • Non-disclosure violations,
  • Breach of contract,
  • Stolen company property,
  • Soliciting your customers or employees,
  • Breach of fiduciary duty or fidelity,
  • Negligent or reckless action,
  • Theft, and
  • Defamation.

Although you cannot typically sue a former employee for basic negligence, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit for gross negligence. For example, if an employee’s negligence harmed a third party (one of your customers, for example), you may have a case if you had to compensate the injured party for their damages.

Other Benefits of Using an Orlando Labor Lawyer for Employers

BrewerLong offers additional business and employment services that add value to your enterprise.

Workplace Investigations

One of our most valuable service offerings is workplace investigations. These services are critical if an employee alleges discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, for example.

Having us investigate these claims ensures neutrality from an arms-length perspective.

Labor Negotiations

Sensitive issues involving unions, collective bargaining, and related issues benefit from the services of an experienced Orlando labor law attorney. We can represent your business in negotiations and grievance resolution.

We can assist you with strikes and picketing as well as work stoppages. We regularly represent our clients in union elections as well as assisting through a potential union formation.

When choosing a labor attorney, Orlando business owners must consider their options carefully. Losing employment- or labor-related lawsuit could mean substantial harm to your business.

The potential financial penalties could be significant. Even if the value of your case is modest, your business reputation could suffer significant damage through negative publicity.

When Should an Employer Hire an Orlando Labor Law Lawyer?

Many businesses don’t hire a labor attorney until a legal problem arises.

If you face legal action from an employee, you need a lawyer on your side. Likewise, trouble with the Department of Labor, EEOC, or another agency warrants calling a labor lawyer in Orlando

The potential cost of losing an labor-related legal battle is too high to try to handle things on your own. You need a trusted advocate and adviser on your side of the dispute.

We recommend talking to an Orlando labor attorney for employers before trouble strikes. Our proactive approach helps get you into compliance in every facet of your business.

Prevent Labor Disputes

You may be able to prevent labor disputes from arising if you take steps such as these:

  • Have a lawyer draft or review employee contracts and handbooks;
  • Clearly articulate sexual harassment and discrimination policies and enforce them;
  • Document any disciplinary actions and create a detailed incident report on the circumstances;
  • Institute a communications plan that allows employees to notify supervisors of complaints before they escalate to litigation;
  • Implement rigorous safety procedures and train employees;
  • Regularly conduct maintenance on all facilities to lessen the chances of workplace accidents; and
  • Make sure your office is ADA-compliant, and give reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities.

You can’t prevent every legal problem that could arise. However, preventive action can save you time, trouble, and unexpected legal fees later.

Keep Up with Laws and Regulations

Through your labor attorney in Orlando, FL, or other knowledgeable sources, keep aware of labor law changes.

For instance, have you heard about the significant Supreme Court employment decision earlier this year? Bostock v. Clayton County was a case where the Court held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees against discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the midst of trying to keep your business afloat during a global pandemic, you may have missed that change in the law.

However, your labor attorney keeps up with these things and can regularly update you with critical information. Such advice and updates help you avoid breaking the law and being slapped with a lawsuit that could hurt your business.

BrewerLong: The Orlando Labor Attorneys for Employers

As one of the leading business legal matters attorneys in Orlando, we understand this complex area of the law.

We work diligently to help you avoid lawsuits and ensure your business’s compliance with laws and regulations.

In addition to providing legal advice for employers, an Orlando labor lawyer from our team provides expert employment litigation defense. We can represent you in matters with various labor boards and employment commissions.

Our experienced legal team also handles clients with other types of business legal issues, including:

Our friendly, approachable team has the knowledge and experience to assist you with any Florida employment-related matter. Contact an Orlando labor attorney at BrewerLong today for assistance.