Talk to a Lawyer About Your Florida Employee Handbook

In Florida, an employee handbook lawyer can help you avoid costly legal battles with current and former employees.

An effective policy manual defines your expectations and communicates what your employees can expect from you in return.

When used correctly, your handbook provides managers and supervisors with the tools they need to do their jobs.

Finally, should you find yourself in court, an effectively written handbook proves you took reasonable care to be a legally compliant company.

To provide an adequate defense against typical employee claims about unpaid wages, overtime, personal leave, and workplace harassment, for example, every Florida business should have an employee handbook that is professionally prepared.

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The best way to ensure your company manual provides maximum protection is to seek help from a Florida employer lawyer.

Why Should You Have a Lawyer Help with Your Employee Handbook?

Employment law is highly complex. Laws and regulations constantly change. In turn, your employment and human resources practices must adapt to remain compliant.

Unless you have an employment law expert on staff, keeping up with these constant changes poses a problem. If you violate the law or any of the governing regulations, you could face lawsuits, fines, and other potentially harsh penalties.

To ensure the legal and ethical standards of your HR practices and employee handbook, Florida legal experts recommend seeking the help of an experienced business employment attorney.

Why Do You Need an Employee Handbook?

Your employee handbook communicates critical information to your staff members.

You can use this invaluable human resources tool to share your company values. This manual informs employees what you expect from them and what they can expect while in your employ.

Your handbook might convey critical information such as:

  • How employees are to report workplace violations, such as harassment;
  • Your hiring, termination, and performance review policies;
  • An explanation of your benefits packages;
  • Where employees can go for help when they don’t feel safe;
  • Your policies regarding substance use and testing; and
  • The penalties for failing to meet expected standards.

From a legal perspective, this manual allows you to provide every employee with the same information, communicated in the same manner. Your handbook provides an effective means for ensuring compliance.

Can a Florida Employee Handbook Help You Avoid Employee Lawsuits?

When used correctly, your employee manual can minimize your risk of costly legal troubles.

You cannot prevent disgruntled current or former employees from suing you. However, a well-written employee handbook will improve your chances of prevailing in court. This manual can also, in many cases, discourage employees from pursuing legal action against you.

A strong handbook demonstrates that you implement and enforce effective employment policies and practices. The manual’s presence shows that you took reasonable care to uphold your legal obligations as an employer. Your handbook also proves that you expressly communicated your policies and practices to every employee.

Our employee handbook lawyers can assist you with implementing new hire practices. For example, new employees should provide written acknowledgment of having received their handbook. More important, new employees should acknowledge that they both read and understood the information in their manual.

What If You Already Have an Employee Handbook?

If you already have an employee handbook, that’s excellent news. But consider these questions.

  1. When was your handbook last updated?
  2. How closely do you follow your handbook’s policies?
  3. How do you monitor and enforce your handbook’s policies?
  4. What role does your handbook play in your human resources management?

Employment law changes constantly. Unless you stay up to date on the newest developments, your handbook is likely out of date, at best. At worst, your policies could violate employment laws and regulations.

Having an employee handbook attorney review your policies will ensure your compliance. Your lawyer can recommend potential updates and improvements to minimize your liability and risk. Periodic reviews and updates will keep your manual and policies accurate and legally compliant.

How you use and enforce your company’s employment policies can also affect your risk of being sued. Implementing legally sound policies is critical. However, unless you enforce them strictly and equally for all employees, they won’t serve you effectively.

An employment lawyer for employers can review your HR procedures and suggest ways to improve your practices.

Contact a Florida Employee Handbook Lawyer

The employment attorneys at BrewerLong understand the importance of keeping your business compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

We work closely with you, sharing our experience and knowledge to make your company better. Although we specialize in helping small- to medium-sized businesses, we can assist any Florida business with employment and human resources matters.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Florida employee handbook lawyer, contact our office now for assistance.

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