BrewerLong advises companies in various industries on business structures and transactions. Our attorneys actively seek to understand their clients’ business goals and objectives. Every legal challenge, situation and business transaction is objectively and thoroughly analyzed. Our attorneys utilize their experience and knowledge to provide customized solutions, fostering positive outcomes.

While assisting clients in forming a new company, our business attorneys evaluate the business, assist in creating the most appropriate business entity and prepare the necessary legal documents.  BrewerLong’s attorneys can help clients to make advantageous tax elections for their businesses. They also analyze the potential issues that could arise when the company interacts with the public, other companies, and the government.

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BrewerLong’s business law attorneys get business owners on the same page. Through Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and other organizational documents, our attorneys take business owners through the process of understanding their individual rights and their responsibilities owed to each other and the business.

Our business law attorneys assist business owners with a wide variety of business transactions, including third-party contracts, mergers and acquisitions, employee profit-sharing, and private placements of equity. They assist businesses with the management and sale of product inventory, franchises, intellectual property and real estate. Whatever the transaction, a clear focus on helping all parties understand the transaction terms is a priority for our attorneys.

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If you operate an existing business or plan to launch a new one, your success may depend on obtaining the right legal advice. Our attorneys are available to assist with all your business needs from start to finish.