BrewerLong is pleased to announce our Future Business Leaders Scholarship for 2023. This $1,500 scholarship award will go to an incoming student, undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a college or university in the Spring Semester of 2024. Scholarship funds will be directly disbursed to the winner’s school and may cover all school-related expenses.  

For consideration, please complete the online application via the link below. The application includes an essay on the following topic:

Reflect on this quote from novelist Edward Cline:

It is honor that makes commerce possible, dear brother. And the law courts, when men lack it.

Edward Cline

Compose an essay of 500 words or less describing how you think honor and the lack of honor affects commerce and law

Scholarship FAQ’s

Who can apply for the scholarship?  

The scholarship is open to graduate or undergraduate students attending or planning to enroll in a United States college or university for the Spring Semester of 2024.

What is the scholarship amount and deadline?

The scholarship is a one-time award of $1,500. Applications are due no later than October 1, 2023.

How are the applications judged?

Scholarship awards are based on the ability to write a well-crafted essay exploring the topic in a unique and creative way. Essays containing false or plagiarized information will be immediately disqualified.

When is the winner selected and notified?

The scholarship winner will be selected and notified no later than November 15, 2023.

Did you receive my essay?

We receive many essays and are unable to confirm receiving your essay or provide you with feedback on your application. Please do not contact us to ask about your application.

How do I apply?

Submit your online application here with your contact information, proof of enrollment, and essay.

Past Scholarship Recipients

2019 – Raffi Jananian, San Diego State University

2020 – Jade Duncan, University of Cincinnati

2021 – Zoey Wright, Arizona State University

2022 – Morgan Carter, Universal Technical Institute