The BrewerLong team loves working with the craft beverage community because they reflect our own personalities and work: Smart, vibrant, and at times, a little eccentric. In all seriousness, our ultimate goal is to provide quality, affordable counsel, and to serve as teachers when it comes to laws that affect brewers, vintners, distillers and their respective businesses.

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Tapping A Niche

By: Amy Keller

Maitland business attorney Trevor Brewer first noticed the sign for a new brewery in Longwood during a commute to work five years ago. “I like craft beer. I’d been to some places in Colorado and was excited to see one coming to my hometown,” says Brewer. But after the sign went up, nothing happened for more than a year. “I honestly thought I had missed it, that it had opened and closed overnight.”

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Read more about how we were originally inspired to help the Florida craft beverage industry in this article by the Tampa Beer Geek, Alan Shaw. Also find Trevor quoted in an article from Slate discussing Florida beer and why 64 oz growlers are still (as of 2014) illegal. Cheers!